OFF-ROAD tours and routes

OFF-ROAD tours and routesSummer attractions in Bansko

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The rugged mountain and forest terrain of Pirin allows a variety of routes with JEEPS saturated with emotion and adrenaline:

Off-road routes

  • Bansko – Melnik with a visit to the Rozhen Monastery – 1 day
  • Bansko – park for dancing bears in Belitsa – 1 day
  • Bansko – Predel – Katarino – Bachevo with barbecue in the mountains – 1 day
  • Bansko – Dobinište – Banya – 3-4 hours
  • Bansko – Dobinište – Обиди – Kremen – Gustin – Eleshnitsa – 1 day
  • Bansko – Kovachevitsa – Breznitsa – 1 day
  • Bansko – Banya – 2-3 hours
  • Lambie huts

From Lambie huts begin an amazing network for riding from forest beggars, mountain trails, and inter-rural dirt roads. An area of over 1200 square kilometers is at your disposal.

The territory surrounded by the passing road through Kraishte, Yakoruda, Yundola, Rakitov, Batak, Satovcha, Ognyanovo, Eleshnitsa, Kraishte is only a mountainous almost without a road network with numerous villages and neighborhoods each of which is connected to the others by a dirt road.