Ski slopes in Bansko

Bansko is an established European Ski Center. The following sports are practiced in the ski area: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, snowboarding.

The resort is multiple hosts of competitions for the European Alpine SkiIng Cup and biathlon.

The ski center also offers a wonderful 9.9 miles. ski road equipped with machines for artificial snow and lighting, connecting the high parts of the resort with the town of Varna. Bansko.

Ски лифтове

At the disposal of skiers and snowboarders are 75 kilometers of professionally prepared and reliably secured slopes, as well as 22 kilometers (chairlifts 13.2 km, drags – 2.4 km, and gondola – 6.2 km) modern high-capacity lift facilities that transport quickly and comfortably to the beginning of each track.

Modern gondola – a gondola with eight seats, leads skiers from the city to Banderishka Polyana with a capacity of 2 400 people per hour. Equipped with artificial snow machines are 100% of the routes, which guarantees enough snow cover from December to May.

The highest point of the ski center is 2560 m and the lowest 990 m.

The total length of the slopes and ski roads is 75 km.

For the youngest skiers, there is a mobile roller coaster, new children’s drags, and a children’s ski garden. Facilities have been built for Half Pipe and Paragliders, Feng Park.

Ски писти

In the ski center of Bansko, there are 75 kilometers of professionally prepared and reliably secured slopes for beginners 30%, for advanced 45%, for experienced 25%.

1. Bansko (ski road) – Easy – lift

The unique ski road connects Banderishka Polyana with the Gondola station.

2. Banderitsa – Easy – 4-seat lift

The track is suitable, as for not very advanced who want to hone their ski style.

3. Plateau 1 – Easy – Drag

The plateau is a spacious and very dynamic track with a constant slope.

4. Balkaniada – Medium – 3-seats lift

Spacious, intense, medium in difficulty track.

5. Shiligark 1 – Easy – 4-chair lift

Easy and very varied track. It is suitable for novice skiers, as well as for more advanced ones.

6. Todorka – Medium – 3-chair lift

This track is divided into two sections – at the top, it has a medium difficulty, and in the low one – with a light.

7. Old track – Medium – drag

A track with an exciting step-by-step profile.

8. Yulen – Medium – Drag

A track on which you can make dynamic launches and quick descents, with a good load.

9. Tomba – Difficult – 4-chair lift

The track with the highest difficulty in Bansko, very challenging and suitable for experienced skiers and snowboarders.

10. Shiligark 2 – Easy – 4-chair lift

Very spacious, light, and pleasant track.

11. Plateau 2 – Medium – Drag

Spacious and exciting track.

12. The Sentinels – Medium – 4-Chair Lift

This track can only be used in combination with runway 10.

13. Chalin Valog 1 – Medium – 4-chair lift

Dynamic and revering ski slope.

14. Chalin Valog 2 – Medium – 4-chair lift

Great track with medium length, offering very good load, and located in convenient proximity just above Bansko.