On the territory of Pirin National Park fishing is allowed in compliance with the regimes and rules for recreational fishing introduced by the park management plan.

The hiring of fishing rods and organizing individual visits to dams takes place at the reception of the complex

Belisma Dam

The dam is located in the area of the same name and for several years has been a strong attractive center of only people fishing, as well as for those seeking relaxation and relaxation in the picturesque nature near Bansko. Its proximity to the city makes it an even more preferred destination for many of the tourists who visited Bansko in the summer and for the Bansko citizens themselves have long discovered the beauty of the area. Nearby is the Paliden Monastery, and the place is one of the points of excursions with ATV – and mountain bikes.

The dam is stocked with trout, carp, and mullet, the terrine around it is cleaned and landscaped, making it an exceptional place for recreation and fishing. Outdoor benches and picnic tables with hearth are made, as well as a children’s playground.


Complex Ribarnika – Dobrinishte

Complex Ribarnika is located 4 km away. above the village of Dobrinishte. Among the rich greenery and cozy atmosphere in the heart of the Pirin Mountains, not far from the initial lift station and Gotse Delchev hut are located three lakes for sports fishing.

The resort has a wide range of fishing gear available to guests. The three lakes are stocked with Balkan trout, which ranges from 0.250 g. up to 0,500 g.

The fisherman has hosted many sports fishing competitions. The catch is prepared by a master chef on a zest or pan. The complex hosts’ private parties, celebrations and is visited by many amateur fishermen and mountaineers. The fisherman in Dobrinishte will bring you pleasant moments to you and your family in the company of the unique nature and the hospitable owners.


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