In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, the employees of Trinity Residence Hotel, Bansko, feel sympathetic to the measures that the institutions of Bulgaria have taken. In order to ensure the health of our guests and employees, we strictly follow the rules of distance, disinfection and social responsibility.

In this regard, a number of restrictions are imposed on the operation of different units of the hotel, which may lead to certain inconveniences for our guests. We hope for your understanding in this unseemly environment.

The main measures we have taken are:

  • The wellness center of Trinity Residences Hotel – pool, saunas, jacuzzi, etc., will remain closed indefinitely
  • Breakfast and dinner will be served personally by a waiter, with a choice of menu or a prepared buffet. Hotel customers will not be able to self-serve
  • Wearing protective equipment by the hotel staff is mandatory and hotel guests are advised to wear protective equipment
  • A disinfectant is provided at the hotel’s reception for guests’ use
  • Hotel staff disinfect the hotel’s communal areas according to a pre-prepared schedule
  • We encourage credit card payments to prevent personal contact between hotel staff and guests

We apologize for the inconvenience that the temporary organization may cause you!

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