Bansko offers in the summer many sports attractions with which to actively and healthy fill your time in the fresh mountain air. On Banderishka Meadow you are waiting for a small entertainment complex that includes a climbing tower, a shooting range, a football playground for small doors, mini golf, human foosball and a 400-meter water slide

Package prices for one day:

Adult41 BGN
Children (8-12 years old)29 BGN

The package price includes round-trip cable car ticket, one-time descent on a summer slide, and five tubs in a chute / BAG JUMP.

Try the 400-meter water slide, which is the longest in Europe!

Prices for lowering on a summer slide:

AdultsChildren 8-12 years of age
1 descent12 BGN9 BGN
3 descents33 BGN24 BGN
Package of 6 descents (can be used by groups of 3 to 6 persons)60 BGN42 BGN
Package of 9 descents (can be used by groups of 6 to 9 persons)81 BGN54 BGN

A towel is included in the service.
The one-time ticket service is validated on a one-time ticket or on a chip bracelet, which is for reusable use and for which a deposit of 10 BGN is paid.
The service of three or more descents is validated on a bracelet with a chip, which is reusable and paid for a deposit of 10 LEVA.
The use of the service is carried out in strict compliance with the rules of use of the facility and the instructions of the service personnel.

Entertainment on Banderishka Polyana

Prices for descending with tubes by chute or BAG-JUMP:

5 descents10 BGN
10 descents16 BGN

Prices mini golf

1 game5 BGN
2 consecutive games8 BGN
Price for a broken/lost stick45 BGN

Come ride a bike amid the fresh air and countless bike routes of all difficulty. If you do not have your own, we can offer you.

Entertainment on Banderishka Polyana

PRICES FOR TICKETS FOR KHL (cabin) valid from 01.07.2020 to 22.09.2020

Cabin – return ticket 26 BGN 22 BGN 17 BGN 1 BGN
Cabin – one-way ticket 22 BGN 18 BGN 13 BGN 1 BGN
Cab – all-day card for cyclists 30 BGN 27 BGN 24 BGN 1 BGN
Cab (round trip)
for persons with disabilities
Cab (round trip)
accompanying person with a disability, where he is entitled to such a

– Student and student tickets / cards are used upon presentation of a valid and certified student’s license or student card.
– Card / ticket for pensioners will be used upon presentation of ID card
– Card / ticket for children up to 7 years old. can only be used when the child is accompanied.
– One adult can accompany up to 2 children (up to 7 years).
– The period of validity of the card / ticket for children up to 7 years old. must correspond to the period of validity of the accompanying card and the accompanying card must not be shorter than that of the children’s card.
– The card / ticket for children up to 7 years requires a photo of the child, which is taken at the time of issue of the card of the cash registers. To purchase this card it is necessary to present a document to certify the age of the child.
– Children’s card / ticket use children from 7 to 12 years (inclusive).
– Round-trip ticket for cable car can be used in both directions on the same day or in two different directions on separate days (without repeating the direction) until the end of the announced season.
– One-day lift pass also includes a bicycle ride.

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