Summer entertainment on Banderishka Polyana

Entertainment on Banderishka Polyana
Bansko offers in the summer many sports attractions with which to actively and healthy [...]

Mountain biking in Bansko

Cycling in Bansko

For lovers of mountain biking, Bansko offers many options and a variety of bike […]


Paintball in Bansko

Reservations and limiting of peitball games can be made at the reception of the […]

Summer schedule of the lift in Bansko

Summer attractions in Bansko

During the summer season, visitors to Bansko can enjoy a walk in Pirin. Summer […]

Summer mountain routes

Eco trails in Bansko

X. Demyanitsa – x. Bebsog – duration 6 – 7 hours The wide and […]

Horse riding in Bansko

Horseback riding in Bansko

Guests of Trinity Residence Bansko wishing to enjoy horse riding can choose between on-site […]

Cultural attractions in Bansko and the surrounding area

Holy Trinity Bansko Church

Sights Bansko is a city full of exceptional sights. Every little street goes back […]

OFF-ROAD tours and routes

Off-road safari in Bansko
Request and additional information can be found at the reception of the complex The [...]

ATV and buggy tours

ATV and buggy tours in Bansko
Take control of your own on panoramic dirt roads, through mountain passes, by rivers, [...]

Weekend with friends at Trinity Hotel

weekend offer in Bansko with friends
Enjoy a fun weekend with friends in Bansko at Trinity Residence Hotel! Package price [...]