Horseback riding

Dvorene Horse Base is located in the area of the same name on the outskirts of Razlog at the exit to Bansko. Here the largest herd of Haflinger is grown in Bulgaria and equestrian tourism is developed. Horses of the breed “Haflinger” are distinguished by a low stature, a beautiful head, a short neck with a highly developed musculature. They have a good temper, they give in to training a little bit. They are accessible for work by adults, children, and inexperienced workers. Horses of the Haflinger breed can safely wait for hours in one place without causing problems.
Dvorene Horse Base currently has 47 horses of different ages. The youngest were born about a month ago, there are both one-year-olds and two-year-olds, the rest are “full-fledged” members of the herd. At the base are currently all imported from Austria mares, they are ridden and used for riding. The herd of haflingers has been diversified recently with two other horses – a tracker and a representative of an Eastern Bulgarian breed.
We’il try to make a tennis court, a football field, a pool. For now, the base includes a small hotel part, a restaurant with a fireplace and barbecue, a storage area, two stables, an outdoor and an indoor maneuver.

Peri Volas Horse Riding Base is located 3.7 mi from the town of Peri Volas. Razlog and 7.5 miles away. from the town of Bansko in the beautiful area “Perivol”, whose name means “beautiful garden”. In this small paddock, you will find a lot of professionalism, smiling faces, and a cup of forest tea.

After a ride or a walk, you can enjoy home-cooked meals. The equestrian base has a picturesque barbecue and a terrace located above the Perivolska River, where you can escape from the summer heat of a thick beech shade. There you can relax, drink homemade wine and brandy or aromatic forest tea – you will be disturbed only by the noise of the river.

In the base you can find:

Riding lesson

The riding lesson aims to create and build certain habits in the learner, a proper idea of the sitting and management of the horse, as well as the ways of implementing the driving aids, which will contribute to greater security during riding in nature and real enjoyment of communicating with horses.

The lesson for beginners is held in a maneuver, begins with riding on the cord, and includes performing a series of exercises of varying difficulty, the task of which is to help build a proper and balanced sitting.

The equestrian base has mountain guides and qualified riding instructors in the disciplines of jumping obstacles and demobilization. The horses with which the lessons are held are calm reems, which in turn helps to master the riding technique faster and easily.

Part-time riding

It includes riding in the area of the base up to 5 hours on a route preferred by the client and tailored to the possibilities and riding time (in hours). The part-time ride takes place in the nature of the beautiful Rila Mountain on a beautiful terrain and includes crossing various natural obstacles such as rivers, draws, fallen trees, climbing and descending slopes, ewing into the forest. That’s how the idyll of true, free riding feels.

For the less prepared we offer lighter routes on flat terrain, for time, at the customer’s request.

Longer routes include visiting natural and historical attractions (taps, waterfalls, chapels, churches, panoramic views, picnic spots in the mountains)

The equestrian base has 15 horses for hiking

Mountain hikes with horse:

  • Organization of day hikes on horseback with visits to historical and natural attractions lasting up to 6 hours.
  • Organizing two-day horse hikes with food and accommodation
  • Organization of mountain hikes with horses including more than 2 days of prior negotiation

The Rusalii Equestrian Club was founded in 2007 and aims to develop and promote equestrian sport, carry out training and competitive activities in the field of equestrian sport, create conditions for amateur riding, equestrian tourism and other forms for restoring the population at club level.

Besides sports equestrian base Rusalis is a suitable place for fun and recreation. It is located on 12 decares next to a crystal clear mountain river, from where the eco-trail for equestrian tourism to Rusalii peak begins.

In the base, there is a mini-reserve of wild animals: pheasants, peacocks, guinea fowl, etc.

Rusalis base has 15 well-prepared horses of different breeds: Anglo-Arab, Arabic, East Bulgarian, Pinto, Karakachanski.

It offers to ride courses with highly qualified instructors for beginners and advanced riders. We organize picnics in local customs with traditional Bulgarian cuisine. We organize teambuilding for companies with competitive games. With us you can still find: archery; shotgun shooting. We can provide you with hikes with excellent guides from a few hours to several days in the pristine forests and parks of Rila, Pirin and Rhodope Mountains.

The manage of the base is a grassy and fenced 8 decares, on which we conduct lessons for both novice riders and advanced riders. He can ride freely or under the guidance of a good instructor. There are built different facilities and obstacles to skip for different sports disciplines.

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