Mountain biking in Bansko

The foundation of mountain biking, as a sport in the destination Bansko – Razlog- Dobrinishte is placed in 2009. by a group of English men headed by James Hughes. They set up a non-governmental organization and began working with the Pirin National Park Directorate and the municipalities of Razlog valley for the legal validation of mountain biking marches to enter the territory of the national park. The goal is to create new opportunities for summer tourism and to support the local business, which is open all year round. To date, the Organization has marked 200 km. mountain biking routes that reach anywhere in the Razlog Valley and are unfolding not only in the Pirin, but also in the Rila.

A free guided tour is organized for all-mountain biking enthusiasts. The route is selected on the spot, according to the level of the participants, and lasts 3-4 hours. Bike rental options are available upon request.

The marking is a circle like a bicycle wheel with a color point in it. The routes reach all settlements in the valley and are extremely attractive. Their difficulty ranges from 1* to 5*.

  • Ponderosa/Ponderosa route /red marking, 5*, 42 km./ Starts from the Area Predel with two branches of the route: one is to the area of St. Constantine and Helena. Ekaterina and Hotel “Katarino SPA 4*”- Razlog, and the second fork is directed along old forest roads to the village of Bachevo, Razlog.
  • Route Perfect Day/Perfect Day/orange marquee; 4* difficulty; 18 km/. It can start from Bansko and from the Pirin golf club area. The trail unfolds along the border of Pirin national park.
  • Bansko – the place caves, Ovinache the oldest Roman road in the floor of pirin- Paliden monastery – Belismata dam – Stoychovets – Bethelevo area – Pirin Golf Club
  • Route Cunning Lady/Foxy Lady/pink marking, 3*difficulty, 25km. /.It moves along a Polish road from Bansko in the direction of Banya village. Bansko, Rupcutz region – the railway line is crossed – the place of St. Constantine and Helena. Georgi- Dubovets – Village of Banya – Bansko
  • Route Dead Dog /blue marking; 3* difficulty, 23 km. /- unfolds at the foot of the Pirin above the town of Bansko and in the direction of Dobrinishte. Bansko- DKP- St. Constantine and Helena Nikola – Dobrinishte- Bansko. Return to Bansko can be done by light rail or along the agricultural road that runs at the foot of the mountain. For cyclists with not very good preparation, the marcher can be old from the DPC by getting carried away by car.
  • Route Road to Nowhere -/green marking, 2*difficulty; 20 km// – Bezbog Hut – Dobinište – Bansko – in the village of Pirin. Just get off
  • Route Kalka Banya /Mud Bath- /red marking, 2*difficulty, 15 km./ Disembarkation from Gotse Delchev – through a forest road in Pirin – village of Opim – Dobinište
  • Route The Flying Scotsman /Yellow Mark, 3*difficulty, 22km/. Disembarkation from Besbebog to the Mocharata area on the old forest road with Dobrinishte finish or with a continuation to The Tradinska Meadow and descent in Bansko

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Summer entertainment on Banderishka Polyana

Bansko offers in the summer many sports attractions with which to actively and healthy fill your time in the fresh mountain air. On Banderishka Meadow you are waiting for a small entertainment complex that includes a climbing tower, a shooting range, a football playground for small doors, mini golf, human foosball and a 400-meter water slide