Craft Fair

More than thirty masters from all over Bulgaria will show their original and unique craft skills at the Craft Fair in Bansko. The first event of its kind is organized by Bansko municipality and the Regional Chamber of Crafts.

The fair will last a whole week – from June 28 to July 4. On the central square “Nikola Vaptsarov” will be exhibited artistic glass, dolls, ornaments, jewelry, stuffed and painted clothes, braids, embroidery, knitting, and many other master products of craftsmen.

Traditional Bulgarian crafts from the past will be demonstrated in front of the residents and guests of Bansko, and the children will be given the opportunity throughout the week to work with the masters on their own product, which they will then take to their homes for remembrance.

Its conduct in the period 28 June – 4 July was not chosen by chance, says the President of the Regional Craft Chamber Lyuben Chalin, because only the day after the opening of the fair is Petrovden, and then the Day of Crafts is celebrated.

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The craft fair is included in the cultural and sports calendar BANSKO SUMMER 2021.

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