Bansko Nomad Fest

Bansko Nomad Fest

From 28 June to 4 July the city of Bansko will be a center for 300 digital nomads from all over the world. Within 7 days they will have the opportunity to draw practical knowledge and motivation from the experience and stories of 50 inspiring speakers, and their presentations on topics related to finding and starting remote work, the advantages and challenges of the nomadic lifestyle, running their own business and much more. During the festival each participant will also have the opportunity to participate, leading their lecture or workshop, with the aim of exchanging the most experience with each other.

Part of the program are also numerous fun activities such as climbing, rafting, mountain biking, “speed dating”, wine tours, camping in the forest, and others, which will allow the guests of Bansko to get to know the Bulgarian nature and culture, enjoy what the mountain offers this season, taste the delicious local dishes and build meaningful connections with each other. Why not fall in love with Bansko and recognize it as their next destination for life and work.

The term digital nomad has gained popularity over the past decade when more and more people began to work professions that did not make them tied to a given location. All they need is a laptop/mobile device, good internet, and the unlimited connectivity that the global network offers. Often digital nomads prefer to change their country or location, which is dictated by the desire to live in places closer to nature, where life is cheaper and community-friendly.

Since Uwe Algoer and Matthias Zeitler arrived in Bansko and opened a shared workplace in the city, in December 2016, they have transformed the place into a major hub for digital nomads in Europe. With its beautiful mountains, historical architecture, numerous restaurants, and affordable apartments, Bansko attracts more and more digital nomads every year. The shared workplace in Bansko unites the nomadic community in the city and has about 100 members during the year.

From 28 June to 4 July, hundreds of digital nomads will gather for the second year in a row in Bansko to celebrate together this amazing way of life.

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