Mountain holidays

If you are just thinking about where to spend your summer vacation, imagine the following scene for a moment: you stand on a mountain top, take a deep breath and enjoy the tranquility and view for a few minutes before descending to the nearest hut and ordering a cool refreshing drink. If this idea causes a smile on your face, then the summer vacation in the mountains is right for you. For those who haven’t decided, here are a few arguments as to why it’s worth packing your hiking shoes instead of your beach towel – or maybe even both.


Proximity to nature is one of the main reasons that a holiday in the mountains inspires more and more people. Especially urban residents are looking for balance in their hectic daily lives. If you are fascinated by images of turquoise high-mountain lakes, giant glacial caves and waterfalls, then you do not need to travel to New Zealand or Canada, but simply look to Pirin. High peaks and numerous valleys provide habitat for people and animals and open a great outdoor adventure playground on the one hand, and a huge space for recreation on the other.
When there are no cars or noise far away, but only the sounds of nature, wind and birds, we feel very close to nature – whether we stand at the top of the mountain or lie by the lake. In the mountain it is easy to find tranquility, originality, and also one of the other natural wonders. The thunderous waterfalls, impressive rock formations, or ice caves in the vicinity of Bansko are just a few fascinating places where nature amazes us.


If you do not lie lazily on the beach all day, you can definitely experience your desire to move to the mountain. Great advantage: even in the hot summer, temperatures in the mountains are still pleasant. However, you can always cool off in a cool mountain lake. Practice in the fresh air every day – what a great contrast to everyday life in the office. For us, the mountains are like a huge outdoor gym. We’re sure everyone here will find a sport they like. It doesn’t always have to be 10-hour hikes or energy-intensive mountain biking tours, but leisurely cycling, walking around the lake can also make you happy.
There are an incredible number of ways to become active in the mountains and just as many ways to relax. You can then recharge your batteries at Trinity Residence hotel by pampering yourself with a sauna, massage, relaxing in the pool and then going to a delicious dinner. For us personally, there is nothing like relaxing in bed in the evening with weighing legs. We just feel alive during and after hiking.


When you think of a summer vacation in the mountains, the first thing that comes to mind is hiking and mountain peaks. But also in the valleys hide numerous opportunities for recreation. How about golf, fishing , cycling , rowing or horseback riding? As you can see, you can also sweat or just try something new. For example, if you have never been on horseback riding, take advantage of your summer vacation for such unforgettable experiences. Especially if the weather is too unstable for a long walking tour, it is worth spending the day looking for something new and different.


Movement and proximity to nature act as an anti-stress program for many people. Not only does the body find balance in everyday life, but also the mind. For some, this means taking time for yourself, testing new boundaries and feeling endorphins as you climb to the top of the mountain. On the other hand, time in nature means simply being able to turn off and create space in the mind for positive thoughts.
Have you ever tried yoga or meditation on the mountain? A unique experience for the body and mind. When we are out in nature for a long time, we often come up with the most creative and best ideas.
Less often is more: compared to a trip or excursion, you do not have to rush from view to view during a vacation in the mountains, because otherwise you would feel like you will miss something. On vacation in the mountains, often the weather is what decides what is on the agenda – so do not get stressed in advance or on the spot. If you book a hotel with a pool, sauna and wellness area, you can be sure even on a rainy day.


A holiday in the mountains means, above all, diversity. Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic weekend or a simple getaway from the city with friends for the weekend – the mountain provides many opportunities for rest. At Trinity Hotel we can offer you a good option for your mountain holiday in Bansko. The hotel is located in the center of the city, next to the pedestrian street Pirin. Shops, many taverns, and restaurants are within walking distance. Check out our seasonal offer and book now!

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